Lip Reduction Surgery in Delhi by Dr Ajaya Kashyap Cosmetic Surgeon

lip reduction in delhi

If you have too large lips that you feel embarrassed then worry not as lip reduction is the right procedure for you. If you feel self-conscious or low on self-esteem then this surgery can help you go a long way. It brings down the size of the lips bringing them in proportion with the rest of your facial features.

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lip reduction in Delhi by Dr Ajaya Kashyap

Face is an important part of our body and is the first thing that other people notice when we meet them. If you have abnormal, small or large-sized lips, then you can easily modify them according to your choice. This can be achieved by undergoing a lip surgery under the guidance of a professional surgeon.

Some people are born with abnormal lips which not only affect the overall personality but also cause problems while speaking. This is often a birth defect called cleft lip which causes the upper lip to be malformed and unusually large and makes it hard for the speaker to form words. At times, cleft palate is a common occurrence along with cleft lip and causes the upper portion of the mouth to be ill-formed. Thus, people who suffer from this defect often face challenges in pronouncing words correctly.

People with large lips may often feel self-conscious about their appearance and may want to correct this. Having large-sized lips may also attract sneers and rebuking remarks from others which may become difficult for people to deal with. It may also become a basis for discrimination and make people feel they are different from others. Large-sized lips can also pose problems while eating and make it embarrassing for people to eat in public places. The enormous size of lips may cloud all other features on the face and take away the beauty from the overall appearance. It also often causes people to hold themselves back and prevents them from indulging in social activities.

Surgery is an option to correct this malformation and numerous tests and consultation are done by professional surgeons beforehand. Procedures on lips need to be performed very delicately and experienced surgeons help in correcting the malformations and getting well-defined lips. Speech therapy is also required for people with abnormalities post the operation and this helps them to speak better and clearly.

Lip reduction surgeries can help in normalizing the size of lips and making them well-defined. At times, the results of such a surgery take a long time to become evident and thus one must be very patient. These surgeries help in immensely improving the level of confidence of people and make them surer about themselves. Decreasing the size helps in making the lips less prominent on the face and prevents them from becoming a feature that stands out. This decreases the chances of being discriminated by others and helps people to become more social and less restricted in their interactions. Due care must be taken even after the surgery to ensure that lips stay in perfect shape.

People with no deformities also like to modify or enhance the shape or size of their lips and indulge in cosmetic lip surgeries. Lip augmentation procedures involve the use of silicon lip implants and help in perfect enhancement. They are safe and assist in remarkably improving the appearance of lips and making them more aesthetically appealing. These implants do not leak or get harmed in any manner and can even be removed later at any point of time, if desired.

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Lip Reduction Surgery in Delhi for Beautiful Lips

lip reduction in delhi

To look attractive and appealing is a dream synonymous to all and sundry. However, there are many people who are not happy with the size and shape of their lips. There are many people who have bulky and large lips which are not in proportion with other facial features. Instead of living with such lips, now one can undergo lip reduction surgery in Delhi and get rid of large lips. best face surgery India is a one-stop cosmetic surgery clinic where one can undergo this surgery.

When one chooses them for lip reduction surgery, there is hardly anything for which one has to worry for. Being the leading and renowned clinic for different types of cosmetic surgery procedures, they make sure that patients who choose them get quality care and effective treatment. They have the most advanced and latest equipment and tools needed for surgery.

Highly qualified and experienced lip reduction surgeon in Delhi (, Dr. Ajaya Kashyap, performs this surgery. He is a renowned surgeon who has been performing cosmetic surgeries for more than two decades now. He is the only American board certified surgeon who makes sure that patients get the most effective treatment. He practices cutting edge plastic surgery including the latest innovations in Minimal Access as well as Endoscopic Cosmetic Surgery.  Choosing them, one can be assured to get the best lip reduction surgery cost in India.

The main purpose of lip reduction surgery is to reduce the size of bulky and excessively large lips in proportion with other facial features. It is performed as an outpatient procedure. in this surgery, lip reduction surgeon in Delhi removes extra tissues so as to give desired shape. It is a scar less procedure. the whole procedure for lip reduction surgery in Delhi lasts for near about one to two hours and is performed under local anaesthesia.  As far recovery period for lip reduction surgery is considered, it might take a month or so. One can resume work within three to five days of the procedure while swelling might subside after a more days.

Given that results of lip reduction surgery in Delhi are permanent, one can schedule an appointment with Best Face Surgery India and know about different aspects of this procedure along with the best lip reduction surgery cost in India.

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