Cosmetic Surgery for Removing Dark Circles in Under Eye Area

Cosmetic Surgery for Removing Dark Circles in Under Eye Area

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There are many women that find dark circles grown around their eyes especially on under eye areas due to various reasons. This issue is usually seen in mid-aged women.

Causes of dark circles:

  • Dark circles can be result of prolonged mental stress.
  • These may occur due to heredity.
  • Due to lack of volume between upper cheek fat and lower eyelid bag dark circle might be formed.
  • Hyperpigmentation of skin can be another cause of dark circles.
  • Translucent and thin skin on lower eyelid causing visibility of underlying muscles can be a cause of dark circles as well.

Cosmetic surgeons make a thorough analysis of face and area on which dark circles are formed during the initial consultation session with the patient. There cannot be one standard method applicable for all the patients. Expert surgeons design dark circle treatment according to their diagnosis of each patient.

Surgeons can adjust the available fat deposition to form a proper proportionate volume of bridge between the lower eyelid and cheek fat. Another technique can be injecting dermal fillers in lower eyelid area for increasing the volume of underlying structure and have a plump appearance.

They take smaller incisions usually from beneath the eyes behind the lower eyelid. They make effective use of tiny surgical tools to reposition the fat deposit available in the lower eyelid to a considerably lower position. This will create a proper bridge between lower eyelid and subsequent cheek area that is attached to lower eyelid.

Thus the subsequent skin on which dark circles are formed will get a stretch or tightening and resultantly dark circles will almost disappear. This will help the patients to improve the aesthetic appearance of their face and have a youthful look.

Dark circle treatment cost ( mainly depends on surgeon’s experience, location of his clinic and procedure adapted for the surgery.

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Fuller lips, nose job….men want it all!!

They have already invaded female territory by claiming equal rights on expensive facial creams, hair grooming products, spa treatments and Gucci bags. But this clearly isn’t enough.

Fuller lips, nose jobNow men are heading for cosmetic surgeon’s clinics ( with a vengeance and seeking procedures that only females sought till now: Lip augmentation and hydration, lasers for facial hair removal and fillers for the cheeks are the more popular ones. “Till two years ago, women seeking procedures like these outnumbered men. But now I get male clients who allocate a certain amount of money every year for getting regular cosmetic procedures like skin fillers done,” says Dr Ajaya Kashyap, director, KAS Medical Centre.

Here are some of the male cries.

Rough facial hair is no longer considered an essential feature of masculinity.

The metrosexual male likes softer edges. “Men started coming in for the removal of eyebrow hair earlier, but now there is an increased demand for laser hair removal from the cheeks by some who want a well-defined, aesthetic beard. This procedure is popular since it isn’t too expensive and is certainly more effective than the traditional threading or plucking,” says Dr Kashyap. The use of laser reduces skin damage which is inevitable in case of shaving and threading. The laser removal takes maximum of 20 minutes.

PROS: Over time, use of laser reduces hair density in the targeted area thus giving you a long-lasting benefit.
CONS: Temporary pain, swelling, blistering and hyperpigmentation.
No, it’s not just women who are hooked onto full pouty lips like Angelina Jolie. Men also want well-shaped, moist lips.

“Ageing causes the skin to lose hyaluronic acid which gives the lips their fullness. This leads to wrinkles and thinning of the lips. Filler injections offering volume and hydration are used to counter this and are effective for at least a year,” says Dr Kashyap.

PROS: Quick and easy to do.
CONS: The filler metabolises within a year and has to be injected again.
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