Difference between Open Rhinoplasty and Closed Rhinoplasty

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Cosmetic surgeons follow two major approaches for reshaping the nose. In open rhinoplasty surgeons take the incision along columella that is the soft tissue between the nostrils. For closed rhinoplasty incisions are taken inside the nostrils.

The difference between two procedures is not just in the way of taking incisions; however there are many other differences that allow surgeons to reshape noses in different ways.

In case of open rhinoplasty surgeons can have a clear view of underlying cartilage. At the same time surgeons can have more freedom to alter and manipulate the nasal shape with higher control and precision. This is not practically possible while incisions are taken inside the nostrils. It would be possible for surgeons to achieve better projection of nose for enlarging the shape and better suppression for sticking it more on the face by open rhinoplasty.

Cartilages that are oriented to the top of the head will have weakness on their outside portion. Endonasal approach causes roundness of tip and patients may develop a habit of pinching their nose frequently.

By adapting closed rhinoplasty surgeons can have decreased operative time. Patients would have less swelling and healing of stitches and scars after the surgery would require less time as the incisions are made beneath the nostrils. Even post-surgery scars will be invisible as they are hidden behind naturally under the nostrils. In case if a patient is operated specifically for reshaping the tip of nose, there will be almost no swelling at all when closed rhinoplasty procedure would be adapted.

However the ultimate goal of rhinoplasty is to achieve desired shape of nose. So, sometimes the patient may compromise swelling to get the desired results irrespective of pain that is experienced by him for somewhat longer duration after the surgery.

Surgeons decide on the type of procedure depending on less downtime and swelling by closed rhinoplasty and requirement of open rhinoplasty if it is required to increase the nasal structure and variant nasal anatomy.

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Rhinoplasty Surgery: WHY , HOW and WHERE

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What is Rhinoplasty?

In common man’s terms, it is what you call “the nose job”. Often we have heard actresses and celebs “going under the knife” to get a “nose job” done. Infact when some surgeries go wrong and we notice the abysmal difference in the celeb’s face and then we find out.. Oh! She has done a surgery on her nose. That is exactly what you call Rhinoplasty in medical terms.

What is the procedure about?

Is your nose small, large, not aligned with the upper lip, the tip of the nose is too flat, there is bump.. Whatever be the complain, Rhinoplasty restores the kind of nose for you that  you have always wished. Surgeon identifies the area to be altered and makes incisions on bones and cartilages of the nose. Artificial materials are inserted as fillers to remove excessive cartilages or muscles. The layers of the skin are added carefully. Most of the incisions are done from inside the nose so as to avoid chances of marks on the outer part of the nose.

How is it different from Cleft lip surgery?

Do not confuse Rhinoplasty with Cleft Lip surgery. You might be familiar with cleft lip surgeries thanks to the Smile Pinky operation conducted in India which was a Samaritan act. Though Rhinoplasty covers the internal functioning problems also, it does not deal with the corrections required for the problem of cleft lips. Cleft Lip surgeries are entirely different and are not reckoned as cosmetic surgery as is Rhinoplasty.

Is Rhinoplasty a solution for structural or breathing problems?

Rhinoplasty corrects problems other than “I wish my nose was as beautiful as Aishwarya Rai’s “problem. Yes, the candidates for nose job are not simply those girls who wish to have noses like their favorite celebrities. Sometimes breathing ability of the nose is improved with this surgery. The veins and cartilages of the nose are better aligned with surgical measures. There are people who have gone under the knife for both aesthetics and health reasons.

What is SIMON Syndrome?

Dr. Ajaya Kashyap, a Consultant Plastic Surgeon and founder of Kas Medical Center shares about the SIMON syndrome. The extension for SIMON is single Immature Male Over expectant and narcissist. It is a rare condition found in men in which they are obsessed with their own facial and physical features and tend to go to the doctor again and again to make alterations. With very less chances that they will ever be satisfied.

How much popular this surgery is?

Dr. Ajaya Kashyap has as experience of treating over 25,000 patients with rhinoplasty Surgeries. Having performed Rhinoplasty for celebs, he opines that a thorough physical examination of the patient’s physical and psychological conditions is a must. Psychological well being is crucial as this kind of surgery deals with the face. This is crucial for a person’s mental health. Few patients return for corrections after the surgery which is not uncommon problem for surgeries. This makes all pre surgery examination and planning all the more important.

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Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery in Delhi

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Is it the shape of your nose that affects your overall facial appearance? Do you wish for better shape of nose? All you need to do is consult a cosmetic surgeon and find out about nose reshaping surgery. In recent years, an increasing number of people are choosing the procedure to get the right shape of nose which is in proportion with other facial features.

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Are you worried because of the shape and size of your nose?


Are you worried because of the shape and size of your nose? Do you think it is not in harmony with other facial features? If yes then rhinoplasty surgery can help you get the desired shape and size of nose. It is one of the most popular and commonly performed procedures. The results of this surgery are pleasing.

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Reshape and Resize Nose by Choosing for Nose Surgery in Delhi

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Nose reshaping surgery, also known as rhinoplasty, is the right option for those candidates who want to improve the shape and size of their nose. it is the surgical procedure which brings shape in proportion to other facial features. For those looking best nose surgery in India can now consult Best Rhinoplasty India and undergo surgery for improving nasal features. They are one of the leading cosmetic surgery clinics providing best rhinoplasty surgery in India.

They are well-versed with the fact that rhinoplasty is one of the most complex procedures, and thus it requires skills and expertise to perform it. Each candidate is different so are his goals and needs. Hence, they make sure that each patient who visits them seeking advice on nose surgery in Delhi gets the best result. They perform comprehensive check-up and arrange meetings before the surgery so that candidate knows the best about the procedure. They try to set the balance between the expectations of the candidate and outcome of the surgery. People who are considering nose surgery should have realistic expectations so that they can get maximum satisfaction.

Choosing them for the cosmetic procedure, one can undergo best nose surgery in India. They pay attention to the individual needs of the candidates. Dr. Ajay Kashyap leads the team at the Best Rhinoplasty India. Given the kind of experience and expertise he has, one can be assured to get results which can bring dramatic change in the overall look and appearance.  Along with the team of highly skilled and qualified medical professionals and doctors, he performs nose surgery in Delhi.

They have the most advanced and latest equipment, machines and tools to perform best rhinoplasty surgery India. They believe in keeping pace with time, hence make sure that cosmetic surgery clinic is well-equipped with all basic and modern facilities which candidates need and look for.

Candidates for nose surgery should know that when the procedure is performed by qualified, skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon, results can be rewarding. As a matter of fact, one can get best nose surgery in India results with them for they strive to improve nose shape and size to the best as per natural features.

Rhinoplasty is highly individualized procedure, and the techniques used by surgeon vary each time on the basis of desired changes and anatomy of patient. With Best Rhinoplasty India, one can be assured to have taken the right step for improved facial looks.

Spearheaded by Dr. Ajay Kashyap, Specialist Face Surgeon in Delhi has been established with an objective to offer best nose surgery treatment to patients.   

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Nose Surgery in Delhi–It’s Possible to Improve Nose’s Appearance!

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Facial appearance does matter in the modern times of picture perfect. As a matter of fact, it will be no wrong to say that many people feel so humiliated because of their nose appearance that it affects their life. Low confidence and embarrassment to face society keeps them confined to the four walls of home. If this is also the case with you then worry not, courtesy rhinoplasty surgery in india. There are many cosmetic surgery clinics where you can undergo nose surgery in Delhi and gear up for better and new you.

There are different reasons for people opting for rhinoplasty surgery in india. While some are bestowed with great shaped nose form birth, but because of injury, it becomes crooked; while there are others who have breathing issues and other problems which require them to undergo nose surgery.  No matter what your reason is to consult surgeon for this kind of surgery, you can be assured to get outstanding results which will let you live normal life.

Given the fact that nose is one of the most noticeable parts of your face, you want it to be in proportion and harmony with other facial features.  If it is not in proportion with other features then it throws off the entire symmetry. Instead of continue living with crooked shaped nose or deformities, rhinoplasty surgery in delhi makes for the right answer.

If you are considering undergoing nose surgery in delhi then make sure you choose the reputed, experienced and renowned surgeon having expertise in performing such surgeries. Rhinoplasty surgery in Delhi is available at several cosmetic surgery clinics. Just make sure that you schedule an appointment with surgeon who guides you the best, rest assured that you will be able to regain your confidence and self-esteem back.

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Rhinoplasty Surgery in Delhi – When You Want to Improve Your Facial Features!

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When it comes to defining an attractive face, it is all about right proportion and balance. The nose, located center and front, forms the basis of foundation for this particular sense of appealing balance. With the help of qualified and skilled cosmetic surgeon in Delhi, you can undergo successful rhinoplasty surgery in Delhi. The nose can be resized, refines and reshaped to enhance your natural beauty.

Rhinoplasty? What it is?

Nose reshaping surgery, also known as rhinoplasty, is performed for improving the symmetry, shape and size of person’s nose so that it comes into proportion with other facial features. If you are looking for life-enhancing and rewarding procedure then look for reliable and reputed nose surgery clinic in Delhi. Cosmetic surgeons based in Delhi are known for their skills to perform excellent plastic surgeries.  Post-surgery, you will notice drastic change in your overall look.

What all changes can be done to nose?

The goals of rhinoplasty are extremely individual just like the patients who are considering undergoing nose reshaping surgery. Cosmetic surgeons reshape nasal structures including skin, bone and cartilage so that you can achieve one or more of the following goals.

  •         Restore nose symmetry after injury
  •         Straightening crooked nose
  •         Refining the size of bulbous nose
  •         Rectifying breathing problems by opening blocked nasal passages
  •         Smoothening prominent and visible bump in the bridge of your nose
  •         Narrowing nose which is wide for face
  •         Reducing the length of an over-protruding tip of nose

Choosing cosmetic surgeon in Delhi for rhinoplasty

Given the fact that rhinoplasty is one of the most complex cosmetic surgery procedures, it is extremely important for you to make sure you select a specially trained and skilled cosmetic surgeon. Choose a cosmetic surgeon who has years of experience performing facial cosmetic surgery and has been performing nose surgery as a significant parts of the practice.  Your goals and aesthetic sense of the cosmetic surgeon should align for better results.

When it comes to rhinoplasty surgery in Delhi, make sure that you run complete search to make sure you choose the right surgeon. When consulting cosmetic surgeons, ask them how many nose surgery have they performed so far. Also ask for before and after photos of the patient. This will help you knowing that the results after surgery are natural.  Nose reshaping surgery needs expertise; hence surgeon you will be choosing should have right skills.  When looking for nose surgery clinic in Delhi, make sure you go through feedbacks and reviews of the patients as it will help you make a well-informed decision.

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