Rhinoplasty: After Care Tips by BestFaceSurgeryIndia.Com

Rhinoplasty: After Care Tips by BestFaceSurgeryIndia.Com

With cosmetic surgery, today, it is possible to reshape the contours of your face anyway you like. Rhinoplasty is one of the most common types of cosmetic surgeries. This is a surgery to restructure the shape and size of your nose. This procedure can be done under local or general anesthesia. Depending on the amount of restructuring needed, the surgery can be performed as an outpatient procedure or may require an overnight stay at the hospital.

To change the structure of the nose, the surgeon makes an incision on the nose to access the bones and cartilage. This incision can be made inside the nose to keep the scar from being visible after surgery. Depending on how the nose is to be structured, bone and cartilage may be removed or tissue from another part of the body may be added. Once this is done, skin and tissue is re-draped over the bone structure. A splint is added outside the nose to support it while it heals.

This splint and internal dressings remain in place for about a week. The area around your nose and eyes will also feel swollen and appear bruised. This swelling and bruising will take at least a fortnight to subside. The swelling may make your nose feel congested and cause slight bleeding and drainage of mucus. Cold compresses and pain medication can help relieve the discomfort.

Here are a few other tips to help speed up the healing process:

  • Keep your head elevated and relatively still for a few days after the surgery
  • Take bucket baths instead of showers while the nose is bandaged
  • Avoid blowing your nose
  • Avoid making extreme facial expressions
  • Limit movement of the upper lip by brushing your teeth gently
  • Eat fiber rich foods to avoid constipation
  • Avoid wearing clothes that need to be pulled over your head and instead wear front closing clothes
  • Avoid strenuous activities like aerobics and jogging
  • Do not wear sunglasses or spectacles that put pressure on your nose for at least a month
  • Protect your nose from the sun by using sunscreen whenever outdoors
  • Limit your salt intake

To be completely satisfied with the results of your rhinoplasty surgery, will require patience. It can take a few months for the cartilage and tissues to settle into place. It is also necessary for you and your doctor to be aligned as to the kind of correction needed.

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Five Facts You Never Knew About Plastic Surgery

Five Facts You Never Knew About Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery is a speciality that deals with reconstruction, alteration and restoration of certain parts in the human body. It improves a person’s appearance and may also help in improving the functionality of various body parts. It can be classified as either re-constructive or cosmetic Surgery:

  1. Re-constructive Surgery: These types of surgeries are used to correct various defects in the body such as injuries as a result of trauma, physical birth defects, deformities in the ear and cleft lips.
  2. Cosmetic Surgery: Cosmetic Surgery is used to modify a part of the body for cosmetic reasons. The most common cosmetic surgery procedures are reconstructing the nose, removing fat from certain parts of the body and reshaping the breasts.

Outlined below are 5 facts about plastic surgery:

  1. Liposuction is popular among males: The most common plastic surgery among men is liposuction. So far, out of the 1 million plastic surgeries that men have undergone, most have been liposuction. The other popular cosmetic surgeries for men are face lifts and Rhinoplasty.
  2. 35-50 year old undergo the maximum number of plastic surgeries. In 2014, over 4 million procedures were performed on people whose ages were in the range of 35-50 years. The most common concerns were sagging skin and fine lines. Liposuction was the most popular surgery in this age group.
  3. Most women opt for breast augmentation: Breast augmentation often requires correcting various issues such as post-op sagging and various other tweaks like modifying the size of the implants. The number of revisions in breast surgeries has actually gone up compared to the initial breast surgeries.
  4. Asian double eyelid surgery: A surgery where the eyelids are altered to make your eyes look bigger and attractive. It is a popular surgery among Asian women.

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Four Preparations for Facial Plastic Surgery

Facial Plastic Surgery

Facial surgery can be opted by people for a number of reasons, and these include being born with facial impairments like cleft lip, birthmark or other birth defects, the effects of aging, sun damage or other facial traumas that are noticeable on the face as well as a sense of general dissatisfaction with your facial features. Depending on these factors, facial plastic surgery can be divided into two categories – reconstructive and cosmetic.

Reconstructive plastic surgery is performed for correcting conditions that may be present from birth, including birthmarks on the face, cleft lip and palate, protruding ears and a crooked smile. Conditions resulting from accidents, traumas or burns are also corrected by this type of surgery.
Cosmetic facial plastic surgery is performed to enhance visual appearance of facial structures and features which include facelifts, eye lifts, rhinoplasty, cheek and chin implants and liposuction.

If you are planning to get a facial surgery done, there are certain things you need to do to prepare yourself for it. These are:

  1. Schedule a surgery when you are healthy
    If you are planning for either of the surgeries, try to schedule it during a period of relatively good health. Your immune system will have the best chance towards a speedy recovery. Scheduling the surgery at the year-end is ideal when you can take a few days off with paid vacation time.

    2. Get enough essential nutrients
    Your diet, before and after the surgery should be rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, zinc, copper and selenium. They help the wound to heal quickly and in building your immunity, thereby reducing the chances of an infection. You can recover from more comprehensive procedures like tummy tuck, facelift or liposuction by including the requisite nutrients in your diet.

    3. Protein intake
    Calories and protein are the two most healing elements. Extra protein will help to build new tissue and blood vessels, repair injured tissue and increase production of cells that heal the wound. Choose high quality protein sources like fish, poultry, beans, legumes and meat.

    4. Stay hydrated
    Consuming 6-8 glasses on the day prior to the surgery is very important to help cleanse and hydrate the body. Since fluid intake is reduced on the day of surgery, water intake is especially important prior to the surgery. To avoid complications during surgery, ensure that you do not drink anything after midnight the night prior to your surgery, unless advised by your surgeon.

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Describe Risk Factors of Nose Surgery by Dr. Ajaya Kashyap!


A nose surgery (rhinoplasty) is performed to remove polyps and other blockages, alter the structure and shape of your nose and improve its function and or appearance. Here are a few things you should know about nose surgeries:

Deciding on surgery: Before deciding on undergoing nose surgery, consult with your doctor regarding issues related to your nose. Your doctor will check your problems and judge whether or not surgery is a feasible option. It is only with your doctor’s confirmation that you should go for the surgery.

The procedure: The surgery is done either with local anesthesia (your nose and surrounding areas will be numbed) or general anesthesia (you will fall asleep). The surgeon will make incisions in your nostrils and base of the nose and alter the shape, structure and position of the cartilages in your nose for appealing shape and better functionality. Polyp removal is also done by rhinoplasty.

Recovery: After the surgery you will be required to wear a nose splint. You can expect swelling around the eyes, which will begin to subside after the third day. Swelling in the nose will go away after six months. Therefore, do not expect to see your results immediately, final condition of your nose will be apparent after the recovery period is over.

  • You should avoid strenuous activity for three to six weeks.
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol during recovery. Smoking slows recovery time and alcohol reduces normal effects of drugs.

Will you develop scars?

As with all cosmetic procedures, rhinoplasty can leave scars. In closed rhinoplasty, incisions are made inside the nostrils and hence there is no scarring. In open rhinoplasty, an additional cut is made along the columella and this may result in scarring. However, the position of the scar is such that it is almost unnoticeable.

Risks: Any surgical procedure has certain risks. These risks associated with nose surgery include:

  1. Infection
  2. Adverse effect to anesthesia
  3. Unfavorable outcome
  4. Visible scarring
  5. Numbness
  6. Difficulty in breathing
  7. Chronic nosebleed
  8. A perforated septum
  9. Haematoma
  10. Bursting of blood vessels
  11. Nervous damage
  12. Possibility of revision surgery


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Understanding About Facelift Cosmetic Surgery

min facelift surgery by dr ajaya kashyap

Today’s generation work for longer period of time compared to our earlier generations. Most of us gain a lot of social as well as business opportunities in our later live that is in our 40’s,50’s and beyond. This makes us more active and does not give a much-required attention on our physical aspects. No matter what both men and women are keen to look better and younger for a longer period of time.

With advancements in techniques and technologies, one is able to reverse the effects of aging. With a number of treatment options in the category of cosmetic surgery and subcategory of the facelift in India, one is able to easily achieve a youthful appearance. Facelifts are recommended for men and women, who intend to rectify,

  • The loose of sagging skin including the fat under the chin and jaw
  • The mid-face sagging
  • The sagging areas of fat or profound facial creases
  • The nose and mouth creases
  • Sagging due to low collagen and facial muscle tone

What are the procedures involved in a Facelift?

The facelift is performed by a trained and experienced surgeon in an accredited hospital under general anesthesia. The time taken for the procedure depends on person to person and the facial structure.

There are varied types of facelift techniques available, to name a few

  • Injectable fillers of liquid face lift

A variety of fillers is used to inject for removing the creases, fold, and pump lips and also filling the hollowing areas. This is a non-surgical technique that actually delays the need for face lift surgery

  • Correction of the jaw line

This consists of the area between the jaw and the upper neck. The excess fat is removed through the process of liposuction to get and sculpt jaw line. The excess fat that is removed can be used as filler for the other parts of the face like cheeks or the mid-race area to create the required volume.

  • Traditional face life techniques

This is also known as a mini face lift wherein small incisions are made that allows the surgeon to tighten the skin and also remove the excess tissue with a motive of improving the appearance of jaw and neck. This is a less invasive procedure and does not require a lot of time and rest. The surgery can be planned for a weekend and one can get back to the normal routine from Monday onwards.

  • Mid face area lift

In this procedure, the surgeon creates small incision above the ears and even inside the mouth that enables the surgeon to reposition the fat pads of the cheeks and lighten the skin.

  • Facelift that is temporary

Men and women with drooping eyebrows or lowered eyebrows can consider this as a perfect alternative to get is corrected. The small incision created by the surgeon enables to pull the skin on both the sides of the brows.

These are few of the options available from the wide range of facial transformation that is one of the most significant parts of the cosmetic surgery. Most of these facelift surgeries in India are performed by trained and qualified surgeons. Ensure that you invest a lot of time in finding a right and appropriate technique.

There are great and renowned surgeons who offer facelift surgery in India as well as abroad. It is imperative that you consider all the reasons that are beneficial for you after a facelift and not because somebody has recommended doing so.

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Facelift surgery in Delhi by dr ajaya kashyap

Who is a good candidate for facelift surgery?

Facelift surgery India is popular among both men and women and this can be used to erase the signs of ageing such as saggy skin and wrinkles. Most people who have this surgery are over 40 although the surgery is done on younger people if they are suitable. Though the procedure is relatively simple not everyone is suitable for a facelift. A good candidate for facelift surgery will have good skin elasticity, a strong bone structure and loose skin on their face or neck. Get a consultation for low cost facelift surgery India with a qualified face-lift surgeon in India to know if this procedure is suitable for you.

Types of Facelift surgery:

  • Lower face and neck lift is a procedure done to target the lower third of the face including the jowls and upper neck area. While the underlying structures are tightened and the excess skin is removed.
  • Upper facelift is a procedure designed to target the upper half of the face most notably the cheeks all the way to the jowls.
  • Full facelift is a procedure in which the facial skin around the entire face is tightened. Also a neck lift is done at the same time to provide matching facial and neck results.
  • Suture neck lift involves reshaping the neck skin for a more youthful contour without skin removal.
  • Classic neck lift is a produce with primary goal to remove the excess, sagging skin from the neck region and re-establishing the sharp neck contour.
  • Lower face and neck is a procedure done to improve the look of sagging in the lower half of the face and the neck.
  • The S-lift is a procedure that works well for the patients with sagging along the jaw line and the top half of the neck.

Advantage of Facelift Surgery:

  • Firmer, tighter and fresh looking skin which will give you a younger looking appearance
  • Any wrinkles and the effects of exposure to the sun and wind have disappeared
  • The results can last for up to ten years
  • Improved facial contour
  • An intangible benefits will boost your self-esteem
  • Rejuvenates the face of older people
  • Treats the problem areas present in the lower facial regions such as the neck and jowls most effectively
  • Shows a visibly pleasing age-reducing effects
  • Reduces the deep creases between mouth and nose
  • Elevate drooping cheeks

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Best surgeons and hospitals:

The best surgeons and hospitals in India for facelift surgery offer the state of the art tertiary level care and techniques for maintaining, restoring or enhancing the appearances.

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Removal of Fats and Wrinkles from Lower Facial Area by Neck Lift Surgery

neck lift surgery in delhi by dr ajaya kashyap

Some people might have sagging skin, lines and wrinkles, uneven contours such as bumps and dumps and excessive fat deposits below the jawline. Some people might have awkward looks such as double chin due to fat deposition in upper neck. To resolve these problems, cosmetic surgeons perform neck lift surgery.

Neck lift surgery can be useful for:

  • Removing excessive fat deposits below chin
  • Relaxing the muscle band in neck area to have appropriately proportionate facial contours
  • Removing excessive sagging skin that causes lines and wrinkles on lower face area
  • Relaxation of excess fats and skin that causes jowls in lower facial areas
  • Avoiding complete facelift for the patients that have excess sagging skin and uneven contours only in their lower facial area below jawline.

Surgical Procedure:

  • Cosmetic surgeons administer local or general anesthesia for numbing the particular area or the entire body so that patients would not experience any pain during the surgery.
  • The incisions taken depend on the typical technique adapted for the surgery.
  • Usually surgeons use liposuction process to remove excess fat deposits.
  • Liposuction can be performed using cannula, ultrasonic sound frequencies or laser for loosening the excessive fat deposits.
  • Loosened excessive fats are sucked through a large syringe or a suction pump.
  • In order to lift muscle structure in lower facial area they use some other techniques
  • They can adapt endoscopic procedure, where they insert a small camera for viewing underlying muscle structure and insert tiny surgical tools for lifting muscle structure and trimming excessive fats through two other smaller incisions.
  • Surgeons prefer taking smaller incisions along the natural contours of face so that the post-surgery scars will be minimal and would not be easily visible.
  • Neck lift surgery can be performed alone or along with other cosmetic procedures to amend other facial issues. This can be performed along with brow lift for better contours around the eyes, fat transferring to allow better contours for cheeks and around the lips and eyelid surgery for removing dark circles and wrinkles around eyes.

There are many factors that determine ultimate neck lift surgery cost. It depends on amount of areas to be treated, procedure adapted for the surgery, experience of surgeon and location of his clinic in Delhi India.

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