Best Rhinoplasty Surgery in Delhi – Who Is the Right Candidate and Life After Surgery

best rhinoplasty surgery cost in delhi

Significance of having attractive looks is something we all know. Those who have crooked nose or breathing problems because of nasal issues can choose best rhinoplasty surgery in Delhi for improving their looks and condition. You can get excellent results if you choose the best nose surgery in Delhi clinic.  Reading further you will explore about who is the right candidate for rhinoplasty surgery and life after surgery.


It is a well-known fact that men and women alike can benefit from the nose surgery procedure.  Rhinoplasty surgery in Delhi is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures. A large number of teenagers are opting for it; however cosmetic surgeons take utmost care when assessing whether or not teenager is the right candidate for the procedure. Only is a nose is fully developed that the surgeon will perform surgery. 16 for boys while 14 for girls is the right age for rhinoplasty. Younger patients should have emotional maturity and understanding regarding cosmetic surgery procedure.

No matter what your age is, it is important to have realistic expectations. Remember that even the best nose surgery in India can only improve your nose’s size and shape, however cannot give perfection.  When you consult an experienced, skilled and qualified cosmetic surgeon, he will explain you the results you can get and help you get a nose which is natural as per your facial features.


Nose surgery is usually performed as an outpatient procedure making use of general anaesthesia. In some cases, local anaesthesia with intravenous sedation is also appropriate. Once the best rhinoplasty surgery cost in Delhi is performed, cosmetic surgeon might place your nose in a splint.  It provides much needed support to your reshaped nose protecting it from accident.  There is very possibility you might go home packing placed inside your nose. Although these packing are temporary but can cause discomfort.  Surgeon removes the packing a week after surgery. Pain medication is prescribed for minimizing discomfort as well as pain.


After nose surgery is performed, patient might experience swelling as well as bruising for the first two weeks or so. Results are not instant. However, worry not as results for rhinoplasty surgery are very much visible once swelling and bruising subsides away. Most patients resume school or week after a week or two of the surgery. However, follow the instructions given by the surgeon to get maximum results. Make sure you dot engage yourself in any kind of strenuous activity.

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