Removal of excess Cheek Fat by Cheek reduction and Increase in Cheek Volume through Cheek Augmentation

Removal of excess Cheek Fat by Cheek reduction and Increase in Cheek Volume through Cheek Augmentation

Proper proportion of shape and volume of cheeks is essential to have a better facial appearance. Some people might have abnormally grown fatty, bouncy cheeks that do not match in proportion with other facial parts. Excess fat deposits on cheek can lead to an odd look. On the contrary some people might have a flat face. There might not be proper amount of volume and contour to their cheeks. This is also problematic as far as better facial appearance is concerned.

In order to gain the proper volume and contour to flat or dumpy cheeks cosmetic surgeons perform cheek augmentation. This is a cosmetic surgical procedure that adds the necessary amount of volume to cheek area by placing suitable implants.

There can be various techniques that the expert cosmetic surgeons might use to increase the volume of cheek area substantially.

  • They can implant patient’s own fat to get the desired shape of cheeks.
  • They can inject fillers in the cheek area to get a plump look.
  • They can also amend the cheek bone by adding solid implants to correct the shape of cheek bone.

As a result patients would get increased volume of cheeks that would be in a proper proportion with other facial parts. This procedure can completely change the way a person looks by allowing him/her to get fuller, plump cheeks.

For reducing the overall shape and volume of cheeks cosmetic surgeons perform cheek reduction. This procedure is clinically known as Buccal fat removal. These are fat pads that are deposited in lower areas of cheek. These fat pads create a chubby appearance of cheeks that are not in proportion with other facial parts.

Surgeons administer local anesthesia in order to numb the particular part for pain relief. They take smaller incisions inside the face usually between the gums and cheeks. This provides them required access for removal of Buccal fat pads. They skillfully apply external pressure on the cheek bone so that the excess fat deposit on lower cheek area would gradually come out through the incisions made. Finally surgeons take out the protruded fat with surgical tools and stitch the incisions.

Thus patients would have reduced cheek contours in proper proportion with other facial parts and an all new look.

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Rhinoplasty- And Why Has It Garnered Such Attention?

Rhinoplasty- And Why Has It Garnered Such Attention?

The cosmetic surgeries have become necessary for the people all over the world. People always go for some or the other form of the cosmetic surgeries for varied reasons. But one of these surgeries has most certainly won the hearts of millions.

And this is known as the rhinoplasty. This is one of the best surgeries that people can come across with. Of course, the rhinoplasty can make a great difference without any doubt. But many may still fail to understand that why there is such a hype about the same.

The best available plastic surgeons can help people in getting through with the best surgery for sure.

What is rhinoplasty?

This is also known as the nose job. In fact this is a corrective surgery that helps people in ensuring that they get the most desired shape of nose for themselves. Of course, there are many people in the world, who absolutely despise the kind of nose they are born with.

And in adulthood they would certainly want to change the shape of the same. This is one reason why mostly people opt for this surgery for sure. And it has most definitely gained so much of attention because of the en number of benefits it offers.

The various benefits:

Following are some of the major benefits of nose job surgery:

  • A corrected nose:

The corrected nose is exactly what this surgery is meant for. Many people would love to have a different shape for their nose. And this surgery helps fulfil the desire for sure. Of course nothing else can exceed this point when it comes to advantages for sure.

  • Making career:

There are certain careers that certainly need great shape of face, body and etc. These professions are mostly from the field of entertainment. And this is another reason why most people have taken a liking to the same. They want to follow the footsteps of their favourite stars for sure. And this absolutely helps them in the same as well.

  • Small accidents:

The nose job is certainly a necessity when it comes to dealing with small or major accidents. In case, the nose is affected and people lose the same in the accidents! Then most definitely they get through with the best results for sure. Of course, good specialists must be appointed for the same in the first place.

There are various other reasons why this surgery has most definitely won the hearts. But the above-mentioned ones are few that are most essentially the best. With the rhinoplasty the people can not only get a sense of achievement but it happily boosts their esteem for sure. This surgery must be carefully planned though. And the doctors from Delhi, India are some of the very best nowadays!


Youthful Appearance and Plump Facial Skin by Facelift Surgery

Facelift Surgery in Delhi by Dr Ajaya Kashyap

Facial skin can lose its tightness and texture due to various reasons. There might be visible signs of ageing such as lines and wrinkles, and sagging and inelastic skin on facial parts due to reasons such as weight fluctuation and heredity.

Cosmetic surgeons can perform facelift surgery in order to tighten the facial skin and patients would have much younger appearance, asymmetry of facial contours and a supple and plump looking skin as the result of this surgical treatment.

There cannot be a single standard procedure for all the patients. During the consulting session surgeons thoroughly study the facial structure and overlying skin patterns of a particular patient and design a surgical procedure for partial or complete facelift undertaking different surgical techniques and procedures in order to lift the facial skin, tighten it and fix it by stitches.

Usually, after deciding the particular area to be treated, surgeons take incisions below ears along the natural lines so that the scars of stitches would be least visible after the surgery. They use special surgical tools for lifting underlying muscular structure and removal of excess fat tissues. Depending on the amount of sagging skin surgeons adapt various procedures for facelift.

If the amount of sagging skin is less and if it is required to lift the muscle structure, they use endoscopic method in which they insert a small camera to view the underlying structure through a small incision and they insert surgical tools from two other small incisions for cutting excess fat tissue and lifting the muscle structure to get the desired contour. Overlying sagging skin is stretched and after trimming out additional skin they will stitch the incisions.

In another procedure known as cutaneous facelift they take a long incision along the natural hair line. They lift the entire facial skin, stretch it and place it higher up so that all the wrinkles and sagging skin would almost disappear. This procedure involves less risk as there will be no alteration to muscle structure and veins and nerves.

SMAS facelift is a procedure used to tighten the muscle structure and removal of excessive skin.

Facelift surgery cost depends on the amount of sagging and inelastic skin, procedure adapted for the surgery and experience of the surgeon.

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Nose Job For Getting Proportionate Shape of Nose And Correction Of Airway

nose job rhinoplasty surgery cost in delhi india

Reasons for nose job:

  • Large sized broad noses spoil the aesthetic appearance of the entire face. These noses draw the attention more than other facial parts. People tend to hide their noses and also try to avoid being photographed due to unusual shapes of their noses.
  • Some people have extremely small noses. These are not in proper proportion with other facial parts and appear as if they are attached to the face. This causes lack of self-confidence as the appearance would not be pleasant.
  • Some people might have issues with particular parts of nose. Broader or spread nostrils, tip of the nose that is larger or rounder, tip of the nose facing downwards making the nose look like a beak or tip of nose facing too upwards might be some of the issues related to specific nasal parts.
  • Some people have abnormally grown tissues and fat deposits that cause obstacles in the natural airway for breathing. Patients face several breathing issues and cannot inhale the required amount of air to keep the entire body energetic and healthy.

Cosmetic surgery can resolve all these problems and make the desired correction to the shape and size of nose, particular parts of nose and correct the airway for breathing as well.

Cosmetic surgery for nose reshaping is clinically known as rhinoplasty. Surgeons thoroughly diagnose the shape, size and profile of existing nose and design a surgical process to tackle the exact problem.

Surgeons perform nose job according to the need for reshaping. For enlarging the shape of nose they take incisions and place suitable implants in the pockets made in underlying nose tissues.

To reduce the shape and size of nose surgeons take the small incisions and remove excess fat deposits, glandular tissues and cartilage and make the nose look smaller and in proper proportion with other facial parts.

Similarly to correct the airway surgeons repair the nasal structure appropriately to enlarge the path of airway removing obstacles through highly skilled surgical procedure.

Rhinoplasty cost depends mainly on experience and expertise of surgeon, location of his clinic, anesthesia charges, charges for usage of hospital and equipment and prescribed medication for pain relief and healing.

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Lip Augmentation Surgery to Enlarge the Size of Lips by Injecting Fillers

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Lips are important facial parts as they are natural enclosures to our mouth and are also important for our speech because they help us in pronouncing some sounds. Some people might have lips that are very small in size and do not match in proportion with other facial parts. Such smaller lips can spoil the aesthetic appearance of the entire face.

It is possible to increase the size of lips in terms of volume and a better contour by cosmetic surgery. Surgeons perform lip augmentation surgery to enlarge the overall size and shape of patient’s lips. Surgeons use hyaluronic dermal fillers that are derived from human body. Rather than other types of fillers these dermal fillers are extensively used for various reasons:

  • Hyaluronic dermal fillers are natural substances derived from human body
  • Due to these fillers allergic reactions are very less or almost none.
  • These dermal fillers cause very less or almost no swelling during and after the treatment.
  • Instead of injecting fillers in a single injection, surgeons can design a schedule to attain the results gradually.
  • These fillers contribute in increasing proper volume and provide sufficient density so that the increased size of lips would also look natural after the treatment.
  • These dermal fillers can also be injected around the lips on adjacent parts of mouth to get the desired harmonious contour of face after the treatment.
  • The effect of these hyaluronic dermal fillers may not be permanent. But patients can expect long lasting results than other types of dermal fillers such as collagen.
  • Lip augmentation by injecting hyaluronic dermal fillers is a safer way compared to other fillers as there would be no reactions, swelling and comparatively less downtime would be required for recovery.
  • The amount of substance to be injected can be controlled in a better way so that surgeons can have a better control on volume addition and reshaping of smaller lips.

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Lip reduction

Blepharoplasty for Removing Excess Fat & Skin from Eyelids

Blepharoplasty for Removing Excess Fat & Skin from Eyelids

Some people may have excess sagging skin around the eyes. Even excess bagginess is seen in lower eyelids of some people. This is due to excess fat depositions and absence of the correct bridge between cheek fat and lower eyelids. Cosmetic surgeons perform eyelid surgery that is clinically known as blepharoplasty to remove excess sagging skin on upper eyelids and to adjust the fat deposits on the lower eyelids to get rid of bagginess of the particular part.

This surgery is usually done for cosmetic reasons. Sometimes sagginess of skin in the upper eyelids causes obstacle in vision for older people. This issue can also be corrected by removing the excess skin. To have other facial issues such as dark circles, wrinkles and cow’s feet this surgery can be performed in combination with laser resurfacing and forehead lifts.

Blepharoplasty surgeon use local anesthesia by injecting pain killer around eyes along with oral sedation. The surgery would take around two hours if both upper and lower eyelid is to be operated.

For upper lids surgeon take smaller incisions along the natural line of the eyelid. Then they separate the skin from fat deposits using tiny surgical tools and remove excess fat and the skin. Later they stitch the incisions with smaller stitches that remain for 3-6 days.

For lower lids surgeons take smaller incisions inside the lids at the bottom of eyes that are not visible. Surgeons use erbium laser to soften the fine lines appearing on lower eyelids. In order to remove excess fat or to adjust the available fat in a bit lower area to reduce bagginess, surgeons take incisions along the eyelash margin. In some cases instead of removing fat they change the placement of fat deposit to reduce pouch like hump below eyes and to gain the proper shape for the bridge between lower eyelids and cheek fat.

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Tips for Nose Job Surgery Recovery by BestFaceSurgeryIndia.Com

nose surgery tips by dr ajaya kashyap

A nose job or a rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure which is done for both medical and cosmetic reasons. It can be done to improve normal functioning like breathing and olfactory functions. It may also be done to enhance the appearance or to correct defects caused by injury, disease or birth defects. People should not undergo rhinoplasty till the nose has stopped growing, which happens at about the age of 17. The basic skeletal framework of the nose cannot be altered but flaws in the structure can be fixed.


The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Incisions are made on the inside of the nasal cavity and the soft tissue is separated from the skin. The tissues are re-shaped and the excess tissue is removed. The incisions are then stitched and a supportive tube is inserted so that the corrected tissues are not displaced till they are healed.

Post-surgical Care and Recovery

  1. There may be slight swelling and fluid discharge for a few days after the operation. The swelling might make the nose look distorted, so the results of the surgery can be seen only after the nose heals completely.
  2. Pain medication is prescribed and if taken correctly, there is hardly any healing pain.
  3. There is a small splint attached to the nose to help it heal correctly and some packing under the nose to soak the blood, in case there is minor bleeding.
  4. There may be slight breathing difficulties till the stitches and splint are removed.
  5. Glasses cannot be worn for a few weeks till the new nose is perfectly set and the tubes and splint are removed.
  6. The head is to be kept higher than the body while lying down for a few weeks.
  7. The speaking voice may sound nasal for a few months after the operation.


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